Personal Training in Mallorca

“Those who think they have not time
for bodily exercise will sooner or
later have to find time for illness.” Edward Stanley

You can’t motivate yourself to working out on a regular basis? You dislike exercising on your own? You don’t know how to perform your weight exercises correctly? Your goal is to run longer distances or to increase your running speed?

With my professional support, you will be guided to work towards reaching your goals and obtaining the body you desire in a healthy way.

Getting fit and toned with weight training

You wish to look fit and toned but don’t have time for long training sessions at the gym? With my short, yet intense body weight workouts you will be able to stick to your training schedule, even if times are busy.

Improving your running performance

You can’t see any improvements in your runs? With my help, you will get introduced to different running techniques to boost your training.

I support you and your health in the following ways:

  • running for beginners and advanced runners
  • preparation for long distance races like half marathon / marathon
  • body fat reduction
  • muscle toning
  • training programs for running and body weight training
  • nutrition coaching
  • online coaching

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me, your personal trainer in Mallorca

Choose your training location: Running along the beach, trail running in the hills of Mallorca, weight training in your gym, body weight training at home or at the beach. There are plenty of possibilities to get or stay fit, healthy and toned.

You are living in Mallorca or spending your holidays on the island? I am an experienced personal trainer and passionate about sports. You need support in running or getting toned? My training will increase your performance and your health overall.

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