About me

16 years ago I started running and have been a passionate runner ever since. I enjoy long distance running and half marathons, marathons, as well as ultramarathons. Running along the beach or in the hills of Mallorca allows me to enjoy nature, push my limits and reflect during long runs.

I am excited to guide you towards achieving your individual goals and a healthy lifestyle.

Personal Trainer - Verena Ullmann

Your goal is to improve your fitness level and get into shape? You wish to lose those last nasty pounds? You want to be supported by a personal trainer with experience and passion for sports?

My skills as your personal coach

  • Academic Body Trainer
  • Personal Trainer
  • Running Instructor
  • Marathon and Ultramarathon Runner

Continued education

  • Body weight training
  • TRX training
  • Nutrition in sports

I am a passionate athlete and will guide you

  • to achieve your personal goals
  • to enjoy your training while having fun
  • to integrate sports as part of your daily routines
  • to push yourself and grow beyond your limits

Please watch my videos (German)

Quick contact

Looking for a personal training or a training plan for your individual training at home? Contact Me!